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Suncoast Irish & Gaelic Heritage


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The Suncoast Irish & Gaelic Heritage Tartan

Tartans promote unity and family. SIGH has created a tartan design for our use.

The colors selected, and what they represent, have been noted below.

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Green: The new generation Irish/Gaels to carry on the traditions and heritage


White: The hope of peace and the acceptance of strength


Yellow: “May the Sun always shine warm upon your face” (Irish blessing)


Black: That we may never forget the dark times in our history, and move forward


Dark Red: The blood shed for freedom, right and honor


Dark Green: The land and its riches that has, and will, always endure

Gentlemen - The Tartan!

Here’s to it!

The fighting sheen of it,
The yellow, the green of it,
The white, the blue of it,
The swing, the hue of it,
The dark, the red of it,
Every thread of it!


The fair have sighed for it,
The brave have died for it,
Foeman have sought for it,
Heroes fought for it,
Honour the name of it,

Drink to the fame of it,
The Tartan!


by Murdoch MacLean.

We ask that our members and friends patronize our Celtic Pubs in the Tampa Bay area that support our mission of Irish/Gaelic/Celtic education and the enjoyment of all things Irish.

We need them to keep the Celtic music, Heritage & Craic' alive!

(Click on the PUB picture to go to their website)

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                     ISSUE 2669    August 6 - August 12, 2020



The Suncoast Irish & Gaelic Heritage club is looking for individuals to share their Irish roots & interests with others.
This group will showcase its fine heritage at various
fun gatherings.

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