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Céad míle fáilte!
Join us as we celebrate our
Irish and Gaelic heritage in
Tampa Bay.

One Hundred Thousand Welcomes!

The officers of SIGH would like to thank all of our members for supporting us in our inaugural year. 2021 found us still in the throes of a pandemic and therefore limited our public events, namely, the St. Petersburg International Folk Fair (SPIFFS) that is normally held each October.

SPIFFS has arranged for a number of smaller events and programs for 2022, which our SIGH club will be part of.   (Whar's the CRAIC?)

You are invited to BECOME A MEMBER or RENEW your membership as we move into 2022 for an exciting year to showcase our Irish & Gaelic Heritage.

Slainte' & Thank you,

Suncoast Irish & Gaelic Heritage Officers


           Aha! You found us! Thank you for visiting this page.

We are pleased to bring to you, the only Irish focused group in all of

Tampa Bay. There are several fine Scottish/Celtic groups, and many wonderful Irish pubs in the region, and we love them all.

                        We present to you an opportunity to connect with others that have

                                 an interest, fondness or love of all things Irish & Gaelic!

In addition to gathering socially, our goal is to create a fellowship of people that are interested in sharing their talents & knowledge.

Currently, the St. Petersburg International Folk Fair (SPIFFS) is in the process of preparing for Folk Fair events in the near future!!

Proud to say the we will be the Irish group represented at SPIFFS!!!    

This is where we could fill in this missing part of the Celtic community with this amazing and diverse organization. Thousands of school children and families from 5 Tampa Bay/Suncoast counties have come to SPIFFS Folk Fair. SPIFFS is celebrating 46 great years!

Look for our SIGH group to be part of SPIFFS Fair events to be held in April & October 2022. We are already in our planning stages.

Because of the current Coronavirus pandemic, we have connected through social media and communicating via emails and ask that you support our group through your membership, sponsorship & donations. We are happy to report that SIGH is now a 501c3 organization.

We have held exciting 2021 ZOOM meet-ups. We shared a Samhain Celebration on All Hallows Day and then

a YULETIDE/CHRISTMAS celebration. We have had some wonderful guest speakers to share their knowledge and we have been fortunate to have them!

Thank you to William Fisher, Kim Graham, Gary Fuller & Gerry O'Connor.

We held a grand in-person WELCOME GATHERING on Jan 31st, 2021 and enjoyed meeting some of our

newest members in a covid-safe environment.

We were able to support our MEMBER musicians: Celtic Conundrum.

We have been to the "sidewalk cafe" at Mary Margaret's Irish pub to hear fellow members/musicians Brendan Nolan & Cage O'Hanlon. SIGH took a wonderful Pirate Cruise and plan to do so again!

                   (A few pictures are posted on our "SCRAPBOOK" page.)

Our Facebook page welcomes educational, enlightenment, interesting facts and general information to be submitted as it pertains to to the Irish/Gaelic Culture and your experiences.

                                          Connect with us on facebook: Suncoast Irish & Gaelic Heritage


We would love to hear about your Irish/Gaelic heritage, your travels to any   of the Celtic lands, maybe you could share a tune or two??

Just send an email to:

A music jam is definitely on our future schedule as soon as we can get together and share the craic.

As we hold our get-togethers in the near future, we will be doing so to help support our MEMBER MUSICIANS of SIGH. (Suncoast Irish & Gaelic Heritage)

Please support SIGH- we are a 501 c(3) organization- and become a member or sponsor today.

Slainte' and best of health to all!  

Suncoast Irish & Gaelic Heritage, Inc.
As we move through the
COVID issues, we will
be scheduling our meetings to start in January.

SIGH and SPIFFS will be presenting an International Marketplace Fair
at Largo Cultural Center Park - Largo FL 
Friday - April 1st - 9am to 3 pm
Saturday - April 2nd 10am - 8pm
contact us for more details

We invite you to renew your membership, become a member, or be a sponsor to
support Suncoast Irish & Gaelic Heritage.
Visit our Membership INFO page.

Thank you and stay healthy folks.
Yours in Celtic Harmony,
your SIGH officers
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  SPIFFS is a 46 year   non-profit organization dedicated to promoting cultural diversity

in the Tampa Bay area.


The best place in Tampa Bay to find out where all the music and happenings are!

Tampa Bay Celtic Music Fans

on Facebook

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Tampa Bay Irish Sports: Hurling, Camogie & Gaelic Football

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Dedicated to the memory of Jennifer Packer

View the Tribute Page HERE

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The purpose of Suncoast Irish & Gaelic Heritage
is to meet as friends to share and celebrate the rich cultural heritage
of Ireland and the Gaels, and to welcome all who share this goal.
We intend to share the enjoyment of Irish/Gaelic Language, Food,
Drink, Music, Dance, Folklore, Crafts, Arts and Literature, as well as
the glorious history, and the spectacular scenery of this land.
This club will represent Ireland for the Saint Petersburg International Folk Fair Society
(SPIFFS)  and will dedicate a display of our Irish Village representing the Irish and Gaelic
culture in the Saint Petersburg International Folk Fair and in other similar
cultural events in and around the greater Tampa Bay area.
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