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      What we do, when we do it, etc.

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What a really great Samhain' SIGH gathering today!

Some really great news: we are a SPIFFS (St. Petersburg International Folk Fair Society) member ethnic culture/country. We are preparing ourselves for the big Folk Fair. SPIFFS has 2 dates to work with the city of St. Pete for this: May 13-16 and Oct. 21-24, 2021.

Today we enjoyed a few guest speakers with their Samhain' customs. history, stories & traditions.

Kim Graham let us know about the early days of our Halloween or All Hallow's Eve celebrations came to be through the ancient Pagan/Druid/Wiccan based observances. The "vacant chair" was used at these times to honor and remember the departed and ancestors.

This practice is still used today.

Gary Fuller told us of the gruesome & scary, but probably true, story of Sawney Bean and his wife

"Black" Agnes Douglas and their murderous ways.

William R Fisher (Billy) shared some of his family history... and how the timing of the Celtic festivities was originally based on farming...moving of the animals from summer pastures to winter areas, & how the crops had been harvested and stored. This was when the boundry between this world and the Otherworld was thought to be the closest. This was a peaceful celebration for the change of seasons and of blessing to all.

William Badzmierowski (Bill O'Badz) told us a bit of his trip to Salem Mass. and how the town is not dungeon-like and dreary at all, but quite welcoming and open. Lots of history to learn about there.


Congratulations to SIGH member Cheryl MacNeill. Cheryl graciously donated it back to the club for a future raffle. Thank you Cheryl!!

Thank you to everyone that Zoomed with us today.

Stay safe, Slainte'

WOW just WOW!

What a fantastic Zoom meeting. Thank you so much to Gerry O'Connor

for telling us of the Wren Boys and what that is all about, and sharing his personal traditional Christmas celebrations.

A special thank you to Brendan Nolan for gifting us with a sweet song. "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas". Pretty neat to find out that Gerry & Brendan were "almost Dublin neighbors".

Our drawing winner was SIGH member Kim Graham.. a lovely Ogham plaque.

We thank Bill William Badzmierowski for hosting us on his zoom program this evening.

We hope to be able to gather together around the end of January or early February, COVID permitting. We can still continue our Zoom meetings just to keep in touch with and share our smiles with each other.

The officers of Suncoast Irish & Gaelic Heritage wish to invite each of you to become members at

We are excited about bringing the Irish culture to the St. Petersburg International Folk Fair in October 2021. We are already working towards getting our "ducks in a row" for a spectacular Irish Village with our fundraising and planning.

As we look forward to a new and stronger year ahead, we'd like to say a very heartwarming THANK YOU to everyone that has visited us, sent notes and pictures, and shared a bit of their Irish background and experiences in these past several months.

Wishing all a Merry Christmas, Happy Yuletide and a Blessed New Year!  Slainte'

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Suncoast Irish & Gaelic Heritage (SIGH) held its

1st in-person gathering - Sunday Jan. 31st at 3 Daughters Brewing in St. Pete at 2:00 pm.
We were able to covid-conciously socially connect and learn about the Suncoast Irish & Gaelic Heritage and it's part in The St. Petersburg International Folk Fair Society.

Thank you for the support and the great conversation today to all that made it out to our SIGH get-together.


3 Daughters is a wide open-air warehouse building with picnic tables and a food vendor just outside the doors.

(They made and donated bottles of sanitizer this past year in efforts to thwart the C-19 virus.)
To add to the afternoon fun, we enjoyed the music by the band "Celtic Conundrum".


We are very appreciative of our SIGH FOUNDING MEMBERS. We showed our appreciation with a special Certificate that was presented to them at the gathering. The additional FOUNDING MEMBERS will be receiving their certificates in the mail!

We had 2 raffles for our SPIFFS Irish Culture Village fundraiser.

(ALL dues paid members always get a complimentary raffle ticket as a bonus.)

Congratulations to Bill Badzmierowski for winning the Pusser's Rum gift set and to Kim Graham for winning one of our new SIGH face masks. These masks are also available for sale at our Facebook page

Til' we meet again, Slainte'!!

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SIGH members & friends had a wonderfully fresh evening as we gathered at Mary Margaret's Irish Pub in downtown St. Pete on Saturday May 8th.

Our friend and SIGH member, Brendan Nolan, was there to serenade us through the night!

A number of us got there a bit early and enjoyed great meals such as Bangers & Mash, a most outstanding Shepherd's Pie, and a delicious looking Fish & Chips platter. The food is delicious!

Brendan regaled us with old and new tunes and a bit of backstory to a few songs. His tender voice is always a treat! Thank you Brendan, for inviting Goody to sing Caledonia!

A fun group and a grand time!

Til' we meet again, Slainte'

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SIGH members & friends got into the midst of some fun as we gathered at Mary Margaret's Irish Pub in downtown St. Pete on Thursday May 20th.

Our friend and SIGH member, Cage O'Hanlon, was our Irish Craic-meister of the evening!!

The food is delicious at Mary Margaret's, and they have a good selection of food and drinks!

As the sun set over the horizon of the city, we were entertained by Cage's humor and music. He always has that little-boy smile... makes ya wonder what he's up to now???

Lots of rousing Irish songs, some interesting people-watching in the Mary Margaret's "courtyard seating",

and some great company made for a fun & quirky evening!

We are looking forward to the next get-together of our fine Suncoast Irish & Gaelic Heritage group.

Keep your eyes open for an exciting

Pirate Ship Cruise scheduled for June.

All the details will be found at and on our SIGH Facebook page.

Til' we meet again, Slainte'

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We sailed the high seas

(well, Clearwater)

We fired the cannon (YEP!!!)

We dueled... all over the ship!

NOBODY walked the Plank!

We drank, we sang, and we danced!

We got to see a most awesome Florida sunset!

We made new friends!

The crew ran a tight ship and it was a blast!

We look forward to doing this again!

Thank you to the SIGH members and friends that joined us on this cruise!

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In Remembrance of dear friends and Founding members

of Suncoast Irish & Gaelic Heritage.

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A very special thank you to those that were in attendance to pay our respects to two of our SIGH members that recently passed: boB Robert Bruce Cameron and Mark M. MacNeill.

20+ of us gathered at 7:30 on the evening of December 4th, 2022. It was held at Largo Central Park, and the park was beautifully decorated with holiday lights.

For those unable to attend, I will share the program with you.

The focal point at this Memorial was a table with a framed picture of the two of the gentlemen

with their respective Clan Tartans and Crests. There was also a photo of each of them with their loves.

The 2 poinsettia plants were gifted by Merikay Larrabee.

After the welcome, we recited an Irish blessing together:





We next heard a most lovely song called "Crossing the Bar" sung by Laurie Clement & Anne Anne L. Hall.

Remembering boB... Feb. 15, 1947 – Oct. 9, 2021

The reading of a poem written by Mark MacNeill, titled:

"River Tweed Reminiscing".

(I felt very emotional as I started to read this and was joined by Kim Graham to share the poem

reading with me. Thank you Kim

Remembering Mark... Oct. 1, 1929 – Oct. 24, 2021

*A few words from Lisa Godfrey.

*A few words from Cheryl MacNeill.

*A few words from Cal Lloyd as he and his wife Ann were there to represent the Dunedin Scottish Country Dancers.

In closing, Gary Fuller sang "The Parting Glass.

SIGH sends condolences and love to all family and friends of these 2 fine gentlemen.

Slainte and blessings, Goody Haines

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SIGH participates with the St. Petersburg International Folk Fair to

bring SPIFFS and its message  of cultural diversity to Largo Florida!!

Several of our SPIFFS member groups performed at

Largo's Holiday Tree Lighting and Stroll Around the World

on Saturday  Dec. 4th at Largo Central Park from 6pm-9pm.

There were many awesome folks that stopped by to say HI at the

SPIFFS booth! Executive DIrector, Sheena Aubut, created a great display and provided a

craft for the children as well as some fancy holiday gift baskets that were raffled!

SIGH member Kathryn Jetter brought some crafts for kids of all ages while

hanging out at the SPIFFS tent.

Music in the park also included a set of Irish music from the Blarney Roses!

The weather was delightful and the park had many visitors.

It was a grand evening, indeed!

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Suncoast Irish & Gaelic Heritage was able to connect with our fellow members & friends

for a few fun times in 2021, and for that we are thankful.

We are looking forward to an exciting 2022 with SIGH.

We hope you will be joining us as we share our wonderful Irish culture & traditions

at our events and through our Facebook page.

Please visit our MEMBERSHIP INFO page for the details on how to become a member

and/or a SIGH SPONSOR!


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