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Suncoast Irish & Gaelic Heritage is excited about our upcoming year of Irish fun!

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We are looking forward to a grand 2022 with SIGH.

We hope you will be joining us as we share our wonderful Irish culture & traditions at our events and through our Facebook page.

Please visit our MEMBERSHIP INFO page for the details

to become a member and/or a SIGH SPONSOR!


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An Awesome Sunday at the Market

 March 6th, 2022

Gary & I are starting our St. Patrick's Day goings on at the Pinellas Park Farmer's Market.

The Vintage Celt vendor has lots of Irish & Celtic Gifts & goodies here today.

Suncoast Irish & Gaelic Heritage is well represented at the market today. One of our SIGH founding Officers, Billy William R Fisher, is here with us too...Yay!!!

Our fellow St. Pete Shanties singing friend,

Anne L. Hall hung out for a while in the later part of the market AND she got us singing some good ol' Irish tunes for the crowd. That was fun!

Past St. Pete Folk Fair Society President- George White visited with us while he was at the market.

Many folks that have Irish heritage have stopped to chat and are going to be connecting with us to become members!

Several people remember SPIFFS and are ready to go the next Folk Fair in October.

How cool izzat!!! Slainte' Goody

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SUNDAY MARCH 20th, 2022

What a beautiful evening for Irish music, laughter & meeting new friends!!!

Gary Fuller and I are always so glad to represent our wonderful organization.

Thank you to Ronan, Karen and the staff at Mary Margaret's Irish Pub in downtown St. Pete

for their fine hospitality.

Cage O'Hanlon did some great arrangements of some favorite tunes... even after a long weekend of St. Patrick's Day celebrations .

We enjoyed some wonderful conversation over a pint with Nicole and Christer Saarikko

and Mr. & Mrs. Saarikko, Christer's parents.

We met a lovely lady from Chicago, Linda Jeno Vollinger . We will be catching up with her again soon!

Pleasantly surprised to see an old friend, Matthew Mitchell , along with his lady, now a new friend to me, Janette Pomeroy . Janette is the new Pres of the Dunedin NWC.

Matthew is now the Sgt-at-Arms. Congratulations to both of you, and thank you for your support of the NWC and Suncoast Irish & Gaelic Heritage .

STAY TUNED for the next Suncoast Irish & Gaelic Heritage get-together. We will continue to support our SIGH member musicians as we arrange to meet where they are playing.

Have a grand week everyone!

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Ya gotta read this article!!!

Yes, it was an awesome weekend. Can't wait for the next one!

Thank you Arielle Bader & Chris Urso of the Tampa Bay Times.

 Yippee SIGH!!!

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Wow! Thank you so much to Sarah Powers-NWC EC President- for sharing this photo of the SIGH club and its banner at the Dunedin Highland Games. The terrific photographer is Jen Lumm!



Suncoast Irish & Gaelic Heritage, Inc (SIGH) was proudly representing Irish & Gaelic heritage & culture at the Dunedin Highlands Games & Festival on Saturday April 2nd.

We were amongst the clans in the famed "Clan Village", nestled between Clan Stewart & Clan Davidson. Our lil' tent was bustling with folks that are of Scots-Irish heritage, and we loved hearing their families' stories.

This gave us an opportunity to share our club and to let everyone know about the St. Petersburg International Folk Fair that will take place on October 20th - 22nd, 2022

Suncoast Irish & Gaelic Heritage will host the Irish representation at the SPIFFS fair. We are always looking for like-minded folk to be part of this grand annual event with us.

At noon is the grand parade of Pipe Bands & Clans. How exciting it was to march before the grandstand with "Honored Chieftain of the Day" Terry Eldridge, and many other officials. We had a fine group of 27 of us to wave our flags of Ireland. The cheers as we approached the field were so amazing to hear. We thank all of those well-wishers that showed us

some Celtic love!!!

Our "IRISH MOONSHINE" Raffle Basket was won by Lisa Bekiaris of Hudson. The basket was personally delivered to her by our SIGH Vice President, Skip DeMontozon.

Congratulations Lisa!!!

Just a note: about 2:30 pm - the skies opened up and the rain poured...almost in monsoon proportions.

YEP, we got wet!!! But it was still a grand day.

A tremendous thank you to our SIGH Founding members that made our tent so successful... Rose Graham Doyle, Merikay Larrabee, Gary Fuller, Skip DeMontozon & Donna Dee DeMilo.

Again, a big thank you to those folks that marched behind the SIGH banner and waved those flags!


SIGH send many thanks to Terry Eldridge, Robert Peirson,

Amber Caldwell and the New World Celts for their

awesome & welcoming hospitality.

We are so looking forward to participating again in 2023!!!

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Suncoast Irish & Gaelic Heritage is going to be making a special appearance

at a major event in the Tampa Bay area!! STAY TUNED!