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What we did, when we did it !


Suncoast Irish & Gaelic Heritage is excited about our upcoming year of Irish fun!

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We are looking forward to a grand 2024 with SIGH.

We hope you will be joining us as we share our wonderful Irish culture & traditions at our events and through our Facebook page.

Please visit our MEMBERSHIP INFO page for the details

to become a member and/or a SIGH SPONSOR!


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What a tremendously fun evening to celebrate

Scotland's Bard- Robert Burns

The Piping of the Haggis was truly exciting. The procession, led by Piper Bethany Herkowitz, took the tour around the patio and to the inside of Jacks London Grill before setting the steaming delicacy upon the table.

The traditional "Selkirk Grace" was delivered by Gary Fuller.

The official 'Stabbing of the Haggis" was demonstrated by our Emcee & musician for the event- Daniel O'Dell.

The entire program that honored the great Scottish Bard Robert Burns was presented by Suncoast Irish & Gaelic Heritage Officers - Skip de Montozon, Sionaínn Rose O'Dell, Gary Fuller , Goody Haines along with Dan O'Dell.

Once we concluded the full traditional observances, complete with Rabbie Burns poetry and tunes, Suncoast Irish took the opportunity to give out a couple of well-deserved certificates.

First: Our Suncoast Irish organization 2023 Person of the Year, Skip de Montozon.

Skip has been a staunch supporter, sponsor and a very hard worker at our Irish Village at the St. Petersburg International Folk Fair Society, Inc. (SPIFFS).

Secondly: A Certificate of Appreciation was given to SIGH member Tommy Williams. Tommy has been our awesome Raffle Sales Person at our Fundraisers as we strive to develop our IRISH VILLAGE each year.

Congratulations to the 2 attendees that won the raffle baskets!

Sharing the stage with Daniel to provide music for the remainder of the evening was Gary Fuller & Goody Haines.

We welcomed Sionainn to the music arena as she is becoming a very capable bodhran player.

Many thanks to Peter, the owner and great chef at Jacks London Grill, for his support and welcoming us back to his restaurant for this special celebration. Peter is also our newest sponsor as we prepare for our 2024 SPIFFS IRISH VILLAGE in October.

Thanks also go out to our terrific SIGH member Daniel O'Dell for facilitating this event once again.

Thank you to Jen Shumilak for some of the photos of the evening!

Our grateful thanks to our members and friends that joined us!

Til' we meet again... Sláinte

Goody & SIGH Officers

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Wasn't that a party!!!!

Paddyfest2024 is in the books and it was grand!

The Channel 8 news team wandered about the park and caught up with the the Suncoast Irish & Gaelic Heritage booth to get some really awesome interviews with a couple of our fine folk helping our organization for the day!

The finest Leprechaun ever, Rosco ( Ross Tarr ) and a most musically talented lady, Kathie Nutter !!!

What a fantastic opportunity to share our organization and how we are part of the St. Petersburg International Folk Fair Society, Inc. (SPIFFS)

So many BIG THANK YOU'S to our volunteer team this weekend...

It was kinda warm but we did it! We Lve ya!!!

Ann Seidl ,Anne Maree Gillespie, Ilse Maria Kearney , Emily Duke, Colin J. Sullivan /Sully, Sionaínn Rose O'Dell , Christian Arial , AnnMarie Stump, Natalie Stockard, Kathryn Waddell Jetter , Rana Jetter , Kathie Nutter, Ross Tar, Juliana Rendle, Anne Anne L. Hall , Laurie Clement , Austin Stump, Ron Fines, Libby Higdon , Alexis Strokoff, Jason Douglass, and a very special heaping amount of gratitude to my dear Gary Fuller!

Connections with the Tampa Bay GAA were made and a wee bit of a reunion with some AOH (Ancient Order of Hibernians Div 2) fellas was the neatest! Thank you Norman McEvoy !

I'd like to add that we were honored to spend a few smiles with Miss Pat Packer (owner of the Harp & Thistle on SPB) and her sweet

beau Bob Lynch!

THANK YOU Pete Boland and Mary Margaret's Olde Irish Tavern for this event! When ya go to Mary Margaret's - make sure to give Kat Van Dora a huge high five!!!

Slainte Y'All!!

WFLA - Paddyfest report: HERE



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SIGH goes on a picnic with SPIFFS!

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